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Aura Soma

Immerse yourself into the World of colour.

In a full Aura-Soma consultation you will be invited to look at the   dual coloured Equilibrium bottles, from these you choose the four bottles to which you are most drawn.
When you look at the colours, your subconscious mind knows what colours and energies will be supportive to you at this time.
As a trained Aura-Soma Practitioner, I will then give you an understanding of your selection. This can assist you in many areas of your life e.g. where you need to give yourself more space or perhaps balance in your life, with more focus on your spiritual or intuitive side.

Full Consultation: $80
1 Bottle Consultation: $15 (included when you book for any treatment)                                                                      Products are sold separately to the consultation charge.

Chakra Balancing: $30


Aura-Soma Pamper Package

Soulful Journey    2 Hours    $230
Surrender your senses, let go of everything, open your mind and immerse yourself in to the colors.                          Allow yourself to escape/reconnect. Indulge your senses and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Your journey begins with a relaxing foot bath followed by your Aura-Soma consultation. The Equilibrium bottle that has been chosen during your consultation will then be applied during your relaxation massage bringing harmony to your inner being and giving light to your spirit.

Treatment overview:
Foot Bath  Aura-Soma Consultation  Relaxing Massage  Equilibrium Bottle to take home


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