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AURA-SOMA Quintessence 25ml Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus Kumara


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The Pale Coral Master Quintessence

For the deepest levels of issues of dependency and co-dependency and unrequited love. As Above, so Below. Brings in a special awareness of the Divine Life through our every day life.. The Mother and Father principle at the highest levels. Balancing male/female polarities. 

How to use:

Use through your energy field/aura around your body. Onto your left inside of your wrist, spray one mist of the 2.5ml Vial or 3 drops of the 25ml Plastic Quintessence, rub wrists together and wipe through your aura, inhale the essence from your wrists 3 times and feel refreshed. Use as often as required, the cleansing effect goes on for at least 2 hours.