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AURA-SOMA Quintessence 25ml LadyPortia


Mercy and non judgement…

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The Gold Master Quintessence

Judge not, that you be not judged. Love and compassion without judgement. Especially if we are hard on ourselves, or over critical, work too hard or if readily judge others. Being merciful with ourselves is true compassion. Where discriminative wisdom is needed and the balancing of all considerations is necessary. Mercy and non judgement…


How to use:

Use through your energy field/aura around your body. Onto your left inside of your wrist, spray one mist of the 2.5ml Vial or 3 drops of the 25ml Plastic Quintessence, rub wrists together and wipe through your aura, inhale the essence from your wrists 3 times and feel refreshed. Use as often as required, the cleansing effect goes on for at least 2 hours.