It contains eight super-foods which are rich in the nutrients your skin needs to produce anti-aging structures like collagen, elastin and GAG’s…


What are the skin benefits ? Bestow Beauty Powder helps to improve your skin where it matters most -on a cellular level.  The nutrient rich blend promotes youthful, healthy skin with a vital glow. Taken in conjunction with Bestow Beauty Oil Plus it also supports the formation of a resilient, protective outer layer for the skin, which protects the vulnerable layers beneath from the aging impact of environmental threats.  People say their skin looks better, heals faster, that they have more energy and a greater feeling of wellbeing.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding From our perspective, all Bestow products are safe for pregnancy and breast-feeding and help to enhance the health of both mother and baby during this important, formative time. However, it is our recommended best practice that your clients first check with their own doctor or midwife before taking Bestow products.

Ingredients: Certified organic cold pressed flaxseed, pumpkin and coconut flour, uncertified blackcurrant extract, certified organic spirulina and kelp, uncertified alflafa leaf and certified organic wheat leaf.

How to store: Bestow Beauty Powder should be kept in a cool, dark place such as the pantry. It doesn’t need to be refridgerated.


How to use: A simple way to take your beauty powder everyday is simply to mix it into a little bit of yoghurt. You could add some fruit and seeds for taste. It’s a hassle-free way to make sure you can get your daily dose of Bestow Beauty Powder on even the busiest of days.